Friday, August 5, 2011

Episode 65!

Welcome to Episode 65 of the Prairie Belles Podcast! To listen to the podcast, either click on the mp3 player below OR click on "LISTEN TO EPISODE 65" to open a media player on your desktop. You can also check us out on iTunes!

What we mentioned this week:
  1. Noah and the Whale - Talking About My Generation - Stage 6 @ 6pm 
  2. Deep Dark Woods - Going Up the Country - Stage 5 @ 730pm
  3. Lissie - Mainstage @ 9pm
  1. Karla Anderson concert - Stage 7 at 12pm
  2. Matt Anderson with the Trouble session -
  3. Brandi Carlisle - Main stage at approx.. 11:30pm
~*~Daneel's Fringe Theatre Picks~*~
August 11 at 9pm to August 21 at 5pm
Catalyst Theatre

 Written and directed by Kristen M. Finlay
 Stage Managed by Kim Stadelmann

 Sound design by Erin Foster-O'Riordan
 August 12 at 12pm - August 21 at 2pm
 Catalyst Theatre - Venue 6

Cowboy: A Cowboy Story
Playwright: Brent Felzien
Director: Neil LeGrandeur, Brent Felzien
August 12 at 3:30pm - August 21 at 7:00pm
Catalyst Theatre - Venue 6

Samantha and Emily Schultz @ Edmonton Folk Music Festival
The Doll Sisters Mountain View Music Festival Carstairs, AB
Micah Turchet @ Mountain View Music Festival Carstairs, AB
Braden Gates, The Command Sisters, Jenie Thai, Kayla Patrick, Ky Babyn, Scenic Route to Alaska @ Edmonton Folk Music Festival 

This week's feature artist is JDML.
His biography in his own words: I've been making music before I was aware of it, I started seriously pursuing a direction and a sound in mid 2008 and have been making leaps and bounds as a musician and performer since, big things to come!

Music haunts me like a shadow, I never escape it and it never escapes me, I've been running for years and hiding from it but now I will embrace this welcome ghost, I am Jordan Douglas Marshall Latter and I am a songwriter.
*We featured JDML's song Soar.

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